You are going to do a stress test.

July 13 – July 15, 2013.  After being told the obvious, in June, I was told to try and cut back on bad foods and that I had to take a stress test.  I was given my first stress test.  The nurse at that test told me she had lost 88 lbs.  She was now running 5Ks.  Pretty impressive.  Not that I knew what a 5k was!  She thought they would have me sweating to the requisite level for the stress test in a matter of just 5 minutes (a stress test deals with heart rate so they put you on a treadmill).  She was almost right – it was less than 5 minutes.    So between two days of cardiology and primary care detailing about just how unhealthy I was, I was told I needed to do three things (yup – same thing my wife and anyone else with half a brain had been telling me, but I ignored them).

So on July 15, 2013, my wife’s birthday, I proudly told my MD I had dropped about 15 lbs in just three weeks.  She smiled, but the fact remained – I was still morbidly obese.  I was still pre-diabetic.  15 lbs was not even CLOSE to enough, but there was a spark.  I was told to do three things that day that have changed my life since then:

1.  Try the South Beach diet I was told by the Doctor (nobody had been that specific with an actual before, but it turned out to be the perfect diet for met).

2.  Cut out the soda (apparently soda is filled with sugar – who’d of thought that?).  Devouring 2 – 4 pepsi’s a day is not actually good for you, don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

3.  Oh yeah,  the most painful part – “when you have access to an exercise machine at hotels (I traveled a lot then), I want you walking slowly on it”, I was told by the MD.  THANK GOODNESS – I only had to walk slow – because I was planning on sprinting!   What I didn’t mention was that I had access to a treadmill – it had been being used as a clothes hanging machine downstairs for at the past couple of years – did I finally have to use it?????

The good news from the stress test was my heart was actually not in bad shape at all.  Morbidly Obese – absolutely.  Blood with lots of sugar – big time.  Heart was strong though – so that allowed me to exercise safely.   .  . . So I did.

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Living in the Hudson Valley of New York State, at age 40 (almost 41), I had a health scare and had to make serious changes in my eating and exercise habits. This is the story of how, I went from Morbidly Obese to being a Marathon Runner and ran 12 marathons in 12 months. After I ran several more, I did something I never imagined possible: I am an Ironman.

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