The Diet. The Exercise. It’s Both.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2013:  I only allowed a handful of pictures to be taken of myself pre-weight loss.  Dieting and Disney and exercising and dieting on a cruise were a challenge, but if you can lose weight there . . . you can do it anywhere.  Returning home from Alaska in early September, 2013 I threw myself even harder into diet and exercise.  I had not had a soda in nearly two months as of early September, 2013, and my morning bagels and croissants and afternoon chips and hershey bars and sodas and sandwiches had been replaced by Low Fat Greek Yogurt and Chicken Salads  thanks to the fantastic advice from my nutritionist.   A good friend of mine, also a doctor though, drove home the point – it wasn’t Diet or Exercise.  It is DIET AND EXERCISE.  So while my diet was great, everyday I fought to make time for the treadmill during September and October of 2013.

You have to make the time.  You can’t skip it.  It’s not optional to exercise if you want to lose a lot of weight – it’s mandatory.

In the early fall, I visited my parents at their house in the Catskills.  Progress was starting to show.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA