How hard can biking be?

While I continue running everyday, and despite my claim that swimming starts soon, have not yet swam, I have a massive incentive to bike – my older son.

My son is working to become an Eagle Scout.  To become an Eagle Scout, you have to earn one of the following three merit badges:  swimming, cycling, or hiking.  Hiking is not offered by his Scout Troop. Therefore it’s really either swimming or cycling.

The bad news is he is not in love with cycling.  The worse news is he truly hates swimming.  So cycling it is.  We bought two cycles at Dicks Sporting Goods and were off.  My cycle was a red, Nishiki Maricopa model as shown in this picture.  His was a mountain bike style bike.

The culmination of the cycling merit badge is a 50 mile ride.  I had other plans for my own culmination – a 116 miles ride through Chattanooga, TN and Walker County Georgia on September 30, 2018.  My culminating ride would be Ironman.  CF20B098-6622-4BBF-9E2E-3DB25E032556