Back on the Circuit

Marathon running in the summer in New York is not fun – so I generally don’t do it.  Now that the fall has started, I found a small Marathon relatively close to home – about 2 hours away in Binghamton.  The Maine, NY Marathon (Maine is home to the Little League world Champs BTW), was a two loop out and back course with probably 100 half marathoners and  . . . 20 Marathoners.

Marathon link:

The organizer of it was a gentleman who was nearly 70 and it was his 100th marathon.  I met another man there who had run over 350 marathons.  Things like this can keep an ego in check fast.  It was a nice course though – the leaves just thinking about changing colors with friendly crowd support.  The local girl scout troops staffed the water stops.  Other stops just had gatorade and water on the table inviting you to help yourself.  There were no bathrooms on the course except for during loops, but thankfully that wasn’t a concern.

The small marathons are nice – very encouraging.  Not sure I would do tho one again, but happy to have done it.