OCTOBER 13, 2013: “DID YOU LOSE 50 LBS?!?!!!!!?” Darn Straight!

To say that the period from July 13 to October 13, 2013 was easy and that the pounds magically dropped off would be a complete lie.  The pounds did drop, but not one bit of it was easy.  From ignoring my favorite foods at Disney to ignoring the desserts on a cruise, to walking from 1 to 3 miles a day, it was horrendously challenging.  It paid off though on October 13.  When you see yourself everyday, you notice some change but can’t quantify it other than on a scale.  However, when I rambled into Middletown Medical for my 3 month “after exercise started” checkup, the nurse immediately noticed I was down some pounds.  I stepped on the scale and it was said 213 lbs.  Down a straight 50 lbs over a straight three months.  Sitting waiting for the MD to come in (undoubtedly sending/answering emails while smiling that yes I was down 50 more LBS), I reflected on the start of the journey.  I was still obese.  Not just overweight.  Obese.  Still.  I could drop 65+ lbs and still be “obese”.    MD walked in and took a second look.  Looked at chart.  Turned to me and said the words that over 1.5 years later stick in my mind and gave me tremendous personal satisfaction:  “DID YOU LOSE 50 LBS???!!!???!!”.  Darn straight!   Normally when a doctor would cry it would be because they had another unhealthy, unsalvageable patient.  This one shed tears of joy.  “I’m so happy for you.  You have taken control of your life.  Tell your wife you made me cry.”  Those were great sentences but the middle one stuck with me – YES, I HAD TAKEN CONTROL OF MY LIFE.  I was no longer dependent on letting bad foods drive my decisions.  My movement no longer consisted of walking from my car to an office chair and back.  Did I lose 50 more lbs?  Darn straight.  And you can too.