Do I tell anyone about my new lifeboat?

A few people read this blog.  I don’t generally have comments on it.  I have a much more active Facebook account.  I have a semi-public job.  I did not tell many people about my first marathon.  I rarely even post about marathons anymore unless there is something special about them.

I had to tell someone about my lifeboat other than my wife.  I told a swimmer I work with about my desire to do an Ironman, and my fear of having not swam or biked for decades.

Thankfully, she volunteered to swim with me.  I’m not sure I would ever get in a pool without someone pushing me in.   Swimming makes me nervous, embarrassed, and a bit fearful.

So now two people know about my new lifeboat.  My spouse is nervous but supportive, and my colleague at work thinks its fantastic.  Swimming starts soon.