Dieting in Disney




JULY, 2013:  Can you diet in Disneyland?  That was a real challenge in late July of 2013, when my family vacation at the start of my diet brought me to the land of Churros, Cotton Candy, Ice cream everywhere, and just about every type of bad food:  DISNEYLAND. The only thing worse than dieting at Disneyland is dieting on a cruise.  This picture is taken at the California Adventure park at Disney, outside of Ghiradelli Ice Cream.  Later on I remember my wife telling me she knew I was getting very serious for the first time about health when I sat next to my kids as they ate my greatest vice – ice cream, and I had nothing.   I guess it was kind of a “change” moment.

At this point I was around 260 lbs.  I was walking about 3 miles on the treadmill at about 3 miles an hour.  Yes, I was slow.  Each day at the hotel I would see people come in the gym and run on the treadmills, while I could only walk.  I remember longingly hoping that maybe, just maybe when I come to this hotel next summer (summer of 2014), maybe I would be 175 lbs.  It was an optimistic thought I know but you have to be an optimist.

I also remember seeing this young guy jump on the treadmill next to me.  The belt on that treadmill was flying.  I sneaked a peak and saw he was going 7.5 MPH compared to my 3 MPH.  He blew through a 3 mile run.  Shocked me.  I doubted I could ever run that fast for 1 mile much less 3.  Only time would tell.


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Living in the Hudson Valley of New York State, at age 40 (almost 41), I had a health scare and had to make serious changes in my eating and exercise habits. This is the story of how, I went from Morbidly Obese to being a Marathon Runner and ran 12 marathons in 12 months. After I ran several more, I did something I never imagined possible: I am an Ironman.

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