IMG_1404Kudos to Suffolk County for putting on a great 1st Suffolk County Marathon on September 13.  Nice flat course through several downtowns led by the Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.  I finished in the 40% so I was relatively happy about that.   The weather was nice and Heckscher State park, where it started, was a terrific venue.   This was marathon # 10 for me, and I’m happy to be in double digits.  Unfortunately, I still can’t seem to get even splits and not sure I ever will be able to.   i saw two great signs along the way.  One was a family whose shirts all read “Trained Marathon Spectator”.  I was jealous.  The other, at mile 20 was something to the effect of “Have a great 10K; hope your 20 mile warm up was good”.  Marathons for me are not one big race, but many small races.  First is the “half” then I break it into a series of 5k races until I finish.   To paraphrase Nemo “just keep running”.