NORMAL? Who? Me? Cool.

On June 23, 2014 I stepped on the doctor’s evil scale.  The same scale that scared the heck out of me a year earlier.  The same one that foretold the warnings I had received moments later of being a pre-diabetic, of being morbidly obese.  Now, a year later it told a completely different story – it was the story of “normal”.  Weight is measured in pounds in the USA, but healthy weight is measured in part by BMI – body mass index.  Mine a year ago was “morbidly obese”, then it climbed (down) to “obese”, then to “overweight”.  Now, on this day, one year from when I started, I was in the “normal” category for my height for the first time since probably 7th grade.  Few people I know would call me “normal”.  For once though, I was happy to be “normal”.

June 23, 2014.  154 LBS.
June 23, 2014. 154 LBS.  This image is not the actual scale, it was taken from someone else’s blog. Not sure if it was 154.6 but it was absolutely 154!


Orange County is blessed with many recreational opportunities, chief among them is the County Heritage Trail.  Returning from Hawaii I found myself on that trail jogging on a regular basis, which by June had become full scale “running.”  I decided in June of 2014 to “go big or go home”.  That meant one thing:  I was going to run a marathon.  Where better to try one:  Goshen, NY of course.  So I set my goal – don’t run a 5k (which is 3.1 miles I now knew), not a 10k, or a half marathon.  Nope – it was GO BIG OR GO HOME.  I was going to run the Hambletonian Marathon in Goshen that October.