Biking is not as easy as it sounds

Two weeks till Ironman.

I bicycled a lot as a kid.  I lived in a rural area.  I’m from New York.  However, it’s not the NY of subways and bus transit.  Heck, there weren’t even sidewalks on the road I lived on.  If you wanted to get someplace and couldn’t get a ride from a parent, you cycled.  I had a red, ten spree bike as kid.  I cycled everywhere.

Then I turned 16.  And got a car.  I had not biked in thirty years.  Still, because my son and I were doing his cycling merit badge, I had to go out almost every Thursday and cycle in May and June.  In the summer, I did a few rides, including 42 miles as part of the “Tour de Goshen”, 50 miles with my brother in law, and then, in mid September, 62 miles (they call it a “metric century”) in the Country Roads bike tour in Warwick.

Keep in mind my lifeboat – Ironman – had 116 miles in Chattanooga, TN into the hills of Walker County, Georgia, and back to Chattanooga.  My longest bike ride to date, just a few weeks before Ironman would be the Country Roads bike tour.

The good news is that it is 62 VERY HILLY miles.  Almost as much elevation gain as I will find at Ironman.  The bad news it is it is only 62 miles.  And because I’ve had to spend so much time learning to get my 2.4 mile swim in before the swim time cut off, I haven’t biked as much as I needed to.  Still though, I got my 62 miles done this week, through the hills, and I hope it’s enough.