Running 5ks: 23:27. I’ll take it.

I started my “competitive” running with marathons.  My major competitor (heck, OK, my ONLY competitor), was and is:  ME!

That said, I can’t seem to get below 4 hours on a marathon.  A friend suggested I would stand a better chance if I built up speed by running some faster, shorter distance.

This fall, I’ve run three 5ks.  One with my youngest son, age 10.  We meandered through a 34 minute race on the Heritage Trail in Chester.  Another, on Halloween, I took 4th overall out of 97, but it was a slow crowd.  Finished that in 25:20.  On the treadmill I can keep it to under 24 minutes, but finally got under 23:30 outdoors with a 23:27 finish.

I had a long-time former colleague tell me that this run (3.1 miles) must be just a little jog for me.  I told him I always have one goal:  finish with heart beating and have fun doing it.  Maybe that’s two goals.

In any event, I was happy to finish with a 23:27 and now of course want one thing – a finish in under 23 minutes.  I’m looking for my next marathon, but that will likely not be till the spring.  In the meantime, I’m focused on strength and speed training.

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Living in the Hudson Valley of New York State, at age 40 (almost 41), I had a health scare and had to make serious changes in my eating and exercise habits. This is the story of how, I went from Morbidly Obese to being a Marathon Runner and ran 12 marathons in 12 months. After I ran several more, I did something I never imagined possible: I am an Ironman.

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